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Friday, January 27, 2017

Rich chocolate flavor and moist gateau chocolat - Gluten-free sweets

I baked classical style gateau chocolat blended 55% of cacao bitter chocolate, It have mild and rich chocolate flavor!! Then it have moist, fluffy and good balance of sweet and bitter chocolate taste.
Additionally this is gluten-free, because I use cornstarch instead of wheat flour. Texture became more moist and smoothly for melt in the mouth, it better than use wheat flour. But be careful, you can't stop eat definitely because this is very delicious :)      

Chocolate is fantastic ingredient.
As you know chocolate have kind of taste and flavor, bitter chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate etc. You can bake/make delicious chocolate sweets even you failed, If you chose delicious chocolate. So, Chocolate cake is good for the beginner:)
Then chocolate had known by medicine food long time ago. It is good for beauty and healthy. Bitter chocolate blended high rate of cacao have rich nutrition of dietary fiver, mineral, high quality of fat and polyphenol. Those are effective to relax, anti-aging and strengthening your immune system. ( Just in case : Milk chocolate and white chocolate blended a lot of fat and sugar more than bitter chocolate.. )   

How is the Valentines day culture in your country?
In Japan, present chocolate to guy from girl!! Girls really busy to bake chocolate sweets or buy chocolate for the day... I want to get chocolate from guy at that day honesty...

Outstanding nutrition and keyword
Vitamin E, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Cocoa polyphenol, Zinc, Dietary fiber, theobromine, Niacin, Oleic acid (unsaturated fatty acid), GABA (GABA: amino acid)


Cooking video 
Ingredients (Two for 8 inch×4 inch loaf pan or two 6 inch round cake pan )
120g--egg yolk (4.23288 oz 0.2645544 lb)
180g--sugar (6.34932 oz 0.3968316 lb)
45g----cornstarch (1.58733 oz 0.0992079 lb)
100g--cocoa powder (3.5274 oz 0.220462 lb)
150g--dark chocolate cacao 55% (5.2911 oz 0.330693 lb)
120g--butter (4.23288 oz 0.2645544 lb)
60ml--fresh cream
240g--egg white (8.46576 oz 0.5291088 lb)
100g--sugar (3.5274 oz 0.220462 lb)

How to cook 
Bring back to room temperature all ingredients.
Melt chocolate with in a double boiler.
Put cocoa powder and cornstarch through a sifter.

Step 1 : To combine chocolate ingredients
Put butter into the melting chocolate and blend well until butter melt completely. Add fresh cream into it and blend well.

Step 2 : To make meringue
Whisk white egg well, add sugar and whisk well.( for three times) Then whip those until stiff peaks form after add all amount of sugar.  

Step 3 : To blend all ingredients 
Whisk egg yolk and sugar into the bowl until creamy. Add chocolate ingredients combined at Step 1 and blend well. Put cocoa powder and cornstarch into those, and blend well. Add 1/3 of meringue and blend well, and add remaining of meringue into those.
Put those loaf pan and bake in an oven 350℉ during 50 to 60 minutes.  Cool it to room temperature while put in the loaf pan.

Friday, January 20, 2017

風味豊かなしっとり濃厚ガトーショコラ - グルテンフリースイーツ

チョコレートのお菓子の中では定番のガトーショコラ! カカオ55%のチョコレートを使用した濃厚で風味豊かな高級感のあるチョコレートの焼き菓子です。チョコレートは昔、薬として扱われていたほど、美容や健康維持に効果的な素晴らしい食品なのはご存知でしょうか?食物繊維やミネラルが豊富そして良質な脂肪分が多く、ポリフェノールも多く含んでおり、リラックス効果や、免疫力の向上、アンチエイジングなどにも効果的です。但しカカオ含有率が低いチョコレートや、ミルクチョコレートやホワイトチョコレートでは脂肪や砂糖が多いだけになってしまいますのでご注意ください。





材料 (パウンド型16cm ×7cm 2個分 又は 15cm ケーキ型丸形2個分)  
チョコレート(カカオ分55%) 150g
生クリーム---- 60cc
ココアパウダー 100g
卵白-------- 240g
三温糖(メレンゲ用)- 100g
卵黄-------- 120g 
三温糖------ 180g
コーンスターチ 45g

Step 1 チョコレートを混ぜ合せる
Step 2 メレンゲを作る
Step 3 すべての材料を混ぜ合せる

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Rich Creamy Cheese Tart

Lovely cream cheese will be lovely sweets.
All of sweets made from cream cheese is delicious!  This cream cheese tart is mild and tasty with rich cream cheese taste. You will be satisfied coffee time with it.  And this recipe is just mix all ingredients and bake it. So, you have never fail to make this tart :)
This is light crispy texture and sweet taste tart dough. Also called "Sugar dough" in English. The combination of this tart dough and creamy filling is very good. And this tart dough is very soft and difficult to rolling out and formed in the plate. If you try to bake it as first time, I recommend to use plastic wrap when rolling out it.

Outstanding nutrition and keywords.
Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B2, B12, Vitamin D, Pantothenic acid, Biotin, Calcium, Selenium, Molybdenum


Rich cream cheese tart
Cooking video

Ingredients (for one of 9 inch pie plate | 50 min ) 
140g---cream cheese (4.93836 oz 0.3086468 lb)
60g----sugar (2.11644 oz 0.1322772 lb)
1------egg yolk
180g---fresh cream (6.34932 oz 0.3968316 lb)
6g-----wheal flour

How to cook
Pre cooking
Bring back all ingredients to room temperture. 

Step 1 : To make appareil
Put cream cheese and sugar into bolw, and mix it with spatula until creamy. Add eggs into the bolw, and stir those well with a whisk. Then add and stir fresh cream, weat flour and cornstarch one by one. Pass through it a strainer. 

Step 2 : To bake 

Pour appareil into the pate sucree and bake it on an oven 350℉ during 30 to 40 min. 

Pate sucree | Sweet short pastry
Cooking video

Ingredients ( one for 9 inch pie plate )
75g---butter (2.64555 oz 0.1653465 lb)
50g---powdered sugar (1.7637 oz 0.110231 lb)
25g---egg (0.88185 oz 0.0551155 lb)
250g--wheat flour (8.8185 oz 0.551155 lb)
25g(remaining of egg for brushing)

How to cook 
Pre cooking 
Bring back all ingredients  to room temperture.

Step 1 : To mix ingredients.
Put butter and powder sugar into the bowl and mix until it get white. Add eggs little by little for three times. (Put flavor oil into the bouwl few drop, if you want to use flavoer oil) Add wheat flour to it and mix. Pull the dough together and wrap by plastic wrap. Keep it in refrigerator minimum 2 or 3 hours. 

Step 2 : To formed dough in the pie plate.
Put plastic wrap on the table and put dough on it, then rolling out the dough to 5 mm thickness by rolling pin. Put dought in the pie plate together with plastic wrap and form it. Then take off plastic wrap. (Or take off prastic wrap first and form dough) . And keep it in refrigerator minimum a hours. 

Step 3 : To bake it

Stick few point of dought by fork, Put paraffin paper and stone on the dough. Bake it in an oven on 350℉ during15 to 20 min. And pull over stone and bake it again 350℉ during 5 to 10 min. Then brush with egg on on baked dough and bake it again for few min.