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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gluten-free Japanese sweets! Bracken rice cake - Warabimochi | わらび餅

Japan have fancy sweet gluten-free, vegan and use roasted soybean flour of superfood. It called "Warabimochi" in Japan. 

What is Warabimochi?
Warabimochi (bracken rice cake, Warabimochi) are jelly-like dumplings made from warabi(bracken starch) and water and sugar. It's usually eat with roasted soybean flour and Kuromitsu syrup(Raw sugar) as topping. Roasted soybean are made from soy beans and one of the supper food of Japanese, then black sugar syrup has rich mineral!!

What does taste it like? 
It is like cold soft gummy candy. The color is translucent and it has a unique texture with smoothness and elasticity.  

Cooking Recipe

How to Cook
1 step : Mixing Warabimochi ingredients
Put bracken starch, (and matcha), Brown sugar and water in pot. Then stir with eggbeater it very well until the sugar has dissolved!! 
2 step : Cook
to put a pot over a slow fire and mixing until warabimochi changed to translucent and get elasticity texture. 
3 step : Chill 
to take it out of the pot and make it flat, expand it and let it cool with ice-water. after that, into refrigerator it.  
Complete : Decorating
Cut warabimochi and put on the plate it. Topping roasted soybean flour, brown sugar syrup and walnut !!

Preparing Cooking Utensil
Pot, Eggbeater, Wooden Veranda, Vat, Cutting board, Knife

Cooking Ingredients
Warabimochi (Basic) 
100g----bracken starch*  (3.5274 oz / 100.0022046 lb)
50g------brown sugar  (1.7637 oz / 0.110231 lb)
450g----water  (15.8733 oz / 0.992079 lb)
Warabimochi (Matcha) 
100g----bracken starch*
tbsp 1---matcha powder
50g------brown sugar
tbsp 4 (or as needed)----roasted soybean flour**
tbsp 4 (or as needed)----black sugar syrup***
as needed----walnut

Additional Information 
*bracken starch (starch produced from the rhizomes of bracken) , Japanese name is "わらび粉" or "わらび餅粉"
**Japanese name is "きな粉". This is super food of Japanese food.
***Japanese name is "黒蜜". This is the Japanese sugar syrup of boiled down to black sugar* with water.
You can use powder sugar instead of brown sugar for topping. (Mixing roasted soybean flour and powder sugar).
You can enjoy different taste, if you change sugar to caster sugar / white sugar instead of brown sugar.  :)