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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Matcha and White Mitarashi Dango - Rice dumpling in a sweet soy sauce

What is Mitrashi Dango?
Mitarashi dango is grilled shiratama dango with mitarashi sauce. Shiratama Dango is dumpling made from sweet rice flour. Texture is chewy like gummy. Mitarashi source is soy source based sweet source. Dumpling have not use wheat so if eat dumpling with kinako* or anko** instead of mitarashi sauce. (Kinako* is roasted soy bean flour. Anko** is azuki bean jam)


Cooking video

How to cook
1 step : Making a dough
Add water in to Shiratamako carefully and mixing until the dough becomes as soft as an earlobe.
( first,  80% of water add to the shiratamako and mixed it well. Then check the dough and mixing.) 
2 step : Boil dough
Making small balls by your hand and boil it with boiled water. Put dumplings on the plate when dumplings floating. 
3 step : Get blown
Make blown to dumpling surface with frying-pan. 
4 step : Making Mitarashi source
Mixing water and Dogtooth violet starch with small bowl. Put Suger, Mirin and soy source into pot, and put a pot over the fire. Then keep mixing it and put mixed water and Dogtooth violet starch in to pot and keep mixing well until the sauce has thickened. Complete sign is when source got shine. 
Dish up 
Put dumplings on the plate and put Mitarashi source on top. 
You can use for topping about Azuki bean, Roasted soybean flour, Seaweed..

Preparing Cooking Utensil
Tea spoon, Table spoon bowl, small mixing bowl, ladle, pot, frying-pan

Cooking ingredients
White shiratama dango
100g----shiratamako (sweet rice flour*) (3.5274 oz / 0.220462 lb)
90ml to 100ml----water
Matcha shiratama dango
100g----shiratamako (sweet rice flour)* 
2 tsp----matcha powder
90ml to 100ml----water
Mitarashi Sourse
tbsp 3----brown suger
tbsp 1----mirin
tbsp 3----soy source
tsp 2------water
tsp 2------potato violet starch

Additional Information 
*Japanese name is "白玉粉|Shiratama ko"