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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Popular combination spinach and bacon quiche.

I recommend to choice spinach and bacon combination, if you can't make up your mind which ingredients to choose. Spinach and bacon are most typical combination and still popular for quiche. Also dairy products is good match with spinach too. Dairy products remove bitter taste from spinach. So you can enjoy juicy bacon, sweet spinach and creamy taste by one bite. The combination never let down us.  

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Cooking video

How to cook
Step 1 Fry Spinach and bacon
Put butter and garlic on the fry-pan, and put bacon when mutter melted. Frybacon over high heat until those are cooked. Add spinach and cook , then put salt and pepper.  
Step 2 Make appareil 
Mix all ingredients of appareil in to bowl. 
Step 3 Baking 
Put pumpkin in the baked pie crust and pour appareil into it. Put parmesan cheese on top. Bake it with oven 360℉, 40min.
You can enjoy both hot and cold but I recommend cold and rest it in refrigerator once.  

Cooking Ingredients ( 6 inch cake pan) 
250g---Spinach(8.8185 oz / 0.551155 lb)
100g---bacom(3.5274 oz / 0.220462 lb)
20g----butter (0.70548 oz / 0.0440924 lb)
1 clove--garlic
As needed---salt and white pepper  
As you like---parmesan cheese

13g(1/4 egg)-egg (0.458562 oz / 0.02866006 lb)
50g---------milk (1.7637 oz / 0.110231 lb)
100g--------fresh cream (3.5274 oz/ 0.220462 lb)
As needed---salt and white pepper
One swing---nutmeg powder

Baked pie crust (Two for 9 inch pie plate./Three for 6 inch cake pan)  
380g----wheat flour(13.40412 oz / 0.8377556 lb)
(190g of bread flour or strong flour and 190g of cake flour)
5g-------salt (0.17637 oz / 0.0110231 lb)
220g----unsalted butter (7.76028 oz / 0.4850164 lb)
50cc to 60cc--cold water

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