Ichigo daifuku - Japanese sweets that strawberry and anko are wrapped by mochi

This is really good sweets. You can't stop eat this sweets because it is delicious!!  
Ichigo daifuku is one of the Japanese sweets, It's ichigo(strawberry) and anko(sweet red bean) wrapped by mochi. It good combination of sweet and sour, then can enjoy chewy texture of mochi. 

Strawberry have rich vitamin C and Folic acid, those ingredients are help for absorption of iron. And anko have ingredients of iron relatively many. So, ichigo daifuku is good sweets for the person have lack of iron like me:)

Outstanding nutrition and keyword
Strawberry : Vitamin C, Folic acid
Anko : Iron, Copper,

Cooking video

How to cook
Step 1 To Making mochi 
Put glutenous rice flour and water into the pot and mix very well. Put the pot over low heat and mix very well until it is in shape and getting stickiness. Keep mix and add sugar of first time, second time, third time… It is completed when it coming out shine and transparent in the dough. 
Put potato starch on the vat and transfer dough to the vat, and put potato starch top on the dough. Chill the dough on room temperature. 

Step 2 To wrapping
Put mashed sweet red bean on the plastic wrap and shape it flat. Put strawberry on it and wrap with plastic wrap. Tear dough and make it flat on your hand, and put strawberry wrapped mashed sweet red bean on it. Then wrap it by dough, it like pinch the end to end of dough.

Ingredients ( Eight )
100g--glutinous rice flour
100g--granulated sugar
As needed--potato starch
240g--mashed sweet red bean (anko)

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