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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Japanese people love KATSU SANDO - Pork cutlet sandwich

Tasty juicy pork cutlet and sweet sauce! 
There have cooked some dish with tonkatsu. Those are katsudon, katsu curry and katsu sandwich etc.. It use different type of sauce and seasoning. Today, I introduce to you the katsu sandwich. It called "KATSUSANDO" in Japan. This is just put tonkatsu and sweet sauce between slices of bread!! The sauce combine "BULL-DOG SAUCE" which is tonkatsu sauce as the food product already made. So, you can make it super easy and taste is gooooood! You will be crazy on this sandwich! Give it a try!! 

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Cooking video

How to Cook
Step 1 Make sauce
Mix mustard, ketchup, tonkatsu sauce into small bowl.
Dish up
Put butter on both of bread.
Put sauce, tonkotsu and cabbage between slices of bread as you like.

Preparing Cooking Utensil
Small bowl, teaspoon, tablespoon, knife, cutting board.

Cooking Ingredients ( Serve 1p, 5min)
2 slices----white bread (thin)
1 ----------Tonkatsu
1 tsp-------butter Julienne cabbage as you like Sauce
1/2 tsp-----mustard
1 tbsp------ketchup
2 tbsp------Tonkatsu Sauce (BULL-DOG SAUCE or Kikkopman Authentic Pork Cutlet Sauce)

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