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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Able to get rich nutrition and enjoy taste with "Agedashi tofu"

"Deep Fried Tofu With Mentsuyu Sauce" is called "Agedashi tofu" in Japanese. It is one of the home cooking cuisine. And it is very popular in Japan, especially at tavern. Agedashi tofu is able to cook very easy and quickly. Also it is really tasty, then able to give a twist as thousand of taste. 

As you know, Tofu is one of the super food! The nutrition of tofu is strong to heat because it is already have heated at process of making tofu. Furthermore approximately 95% of tofu is able to absorption in the human body. So, It is easy to the stomach.  That's why tofu cuisine good for the diet for patients, baby food and elderly food.

Outstanding nutrition and keyword
High protein, Isoflavone, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B, Calcium, Oligosaccharide, Skin beauty, Hair beauty, Diet, Anti-aging, Regulation of the function of intestine.


Cooking video

How to Cook
Step 1 Pre-cookingHeat mentsuyu sauce.
Stab green pepper with fork for make hole of escape air.
Cut soybean curd and cover with potato starch.
Step 2 Deep-fryDeep-fry soybean curd and green pepper at about 170℃/340℉.
Soybean curd : Between 1 min to 2 min.
Green pepper : 10 sec.
Dish up Put soybean curd and green pepper on tableware. Put grated radish on top. Pour mentusyu from top.

Preparing Cooking Utensil
Kitchen knife, pot, tray

Cooking Ingredients ( Serve 2p, 5min)
150g----soybean curd (Silken)  ( 5.2911 oz / 0.330693 lb)
Proper quantity---potato starch
4-------green pepper
Grated radish as you like
100ml---mentsuyu sauce

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