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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lovely Meal Pumpkin Quiche *:)

A pumpkin have been popular with halloween, I cooked pumpkin quiche today! 

It is one of the the big success food with cooking and sweets, furthermore the nutrient is also quite good. Pumpkin contains a lot of vitamins A, C, E, which is an effective component also for beautiful skin. Vitamins contained in the pumpkin comes up more absorbing power in the body by take the oil together. Especially, quiche is able to supplement the other nutrition of fat, high quality protein, Vitamin K and mineral by quiche appareil mixed with cream, egg and cheese. However, you need carefully to eat too much quiche because it is high calories.

This pumpkin quiche is baked with basic appareil and sweet pumpkin fried over low heat. And the pie crust is good combination with appareil by salty and crispy texture. This pie crust dough is very easy to make because just mixed all cooking ingredients into bowl. And it is useful for cooking and sweets such as quiche, pumpkin pie and apple pie.  I think 9 inch size quiche or more big size is popular . But this time I cooked 6 inch size quiche with cake pan. 

This size is very convenient for reduction of cooking time because you can cook plural kind of quiche in once. Of course you can eat plural kind of quiche in one meal. It's meaning you can get a lot of nutrition in the body. Additionally, it is good looking and able to decorate the dish plate like party food in both of whole quiche and cut six to eight pieces of quiche like finger food as able to eat one bite.  

Out standing nutrition and keyword. 
Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, High quality protein, Fat, Mineral, High score amino acid, Lutein, Potassium, Dietary fiber, Skin beauty, Prevention eye disease, Anti-aging, French, Basic. 



Cooking video

How to cook 
Step 1 Fry pumpkin 
Put butter and garlic on the fry-pan, and put pumpkin when mutter melted. Fry pumpkin over low heat until those are cooked. 
Step 2 Make appareil 
Mix all ingredients of appareil in to bowl. 
Step 3 Baking 
Put pumpkin in the baked pie crust and pour appareil into it. Put parmesan cheese on top. Bake it with oven 360℉, 40min. 
(Both taste good, if you use parmesan cheese or without it.)

You can enjoy both hot and cold but I recommend cold and rest it in refrigerator once.  

Cooking Utensil
Kitchen knife, cutting board, wooden spatula, frying pan, vat, whisk, ladle, bowl, 15cm cake pan

Cooking ingredients ( One for 6 inch cake pan ) 
1 whole -----baked pie crust 6 inch 
300g---pumpkin(10.5822 oz / 0.661386 lb)
20g----butter (0.70548 oz / 0.0440924 lb)
1 clove--garlic
As needed---salt and white pepper  
As you like---parmesan cheese
13g(1/4 egg)-egg (0.458562 oz / 0.02866006 lb)
50g---------milk (1.7637 oz / 0.110231 lb)
100g--------fresh cream (3.5274 oz/ 0.220462 lb)
As needed---salt and white pepper
One swing---nutmeg powder
Cooking video :

Pie crust 
Cooking video 

How to cook 
Step 1 Making dough
Mix flour, salt and butter into bowl, it like rubbing until become parmesan cheese. Add water little by little and knead it. Wrap it by plastic wrap and keep it in refrigerator a hour or 2 hour.  
Step 2 Forming dough
Roll out into thin pieces and put the dough on the cake pan. Form it as you like and poke bottom of dough with fork. leave the formed dough in refrigerator over an hour. 
Step 3 Baking 
Put baking paper and stone/dry beans on the formed dough. Bake it with oven during 20 min, and take off baking paper and stone. Brush with egg on the surface of pie crust and bake it more 5 min.      

Cooking ingredients ( Two for 9 inch pie plate / Three for 6 inch cake pan )  
380g----wheat flour(13.40412 oz / 0.8377556 lb)
5g-------salt (0.17637 oz / 0.0110231 lb)
220g----unsalted butter (7.76028 oz / 0.4850164 lb)
50cc to 60cc--cold water

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