"Zenzai" Japanese sweets - Azuki comport hot soup and dip grilled rice cake

Zenzai is kind of Japanese sweets which simmered red beans which called Azuki in Japan and sugar. It is like Azuki comport hot soup and dip grilled rice cake into the soup. It is really tasty with sweet and good flavor. It make you warm from body and soul.

In the past Azuki is mainly eaten during celebration time, nut nowadays it use as common food and dessert. Azuki have rich nutrition and it called Japanese super food. It has saponin and polyphenol of functional ingredient characteristically.

Outstanding nutrition and keywords
Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin K, dietary fiber, Polyhenol, Saponin, Removal swelling, Skin beauty, Anemia, Agent for hangover


Cooking video

Ingredients ( Serve 3 to 4p, 20 min )
500g----Sweet red beans paste (17.637 oz / 1.10231 lb)
250g----Water (8.8185 oz / 0.551155 lb)
2 tbs----Sugar(brown sugar)
Rice cake as much as you like

How to cook
Step 1. To make soup
Put sweet red bean paste and water into the pot, and boil once. Skim the foam from the surface, and simmer it on low heat until sweet red beans paste and water completely blended. Finally add sugar and adjust taste. 
Step 2. To heat rice cake
Put rice cake into a frying pan and get brown both of side on over midl heat. Put lid on it and heat until swelling the rice cake.  
Step 3. To dish up
Put rice cake and soup into bowl as you like.

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