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Monday, August 14, 2017

Cold steamed chicken Japanese style

Steam chicken is very convenience!? 
You can make unique dish with gave a your taste twist to steam chicken, If you have cooked steam chicken. Sandwich, salad, garnish of noodle and main dish. And You can enjoy hot and cool steam chicken. Steam chicken taste like ham and have ginger flavor little bit. If use wine instead of sake, it will change taste little bit more western cuisine. You can use any part of chicken as you like. Chicken breast is non oily, leg chicken is more Juicy. This recipe good for the person have make muscle and try to loss weight. 

Outstanding nutriton and keywords.  
Vitamin K, Vitamin B2, B6, B12, Niacin, Pantothenic acid


How to Cook
Step : 1  Marinating chicken
Put chicken on the vat, sprinkling salt. Put ginger and rice wine on the chicken. stay it 10min. 
Step : 2 Steam chicken
Put chicken into pan-fly and brown both side of chicken. Add marinating liquid into the pan-flay and and put lid on the pan-fly. Steam chicken low heat for 10mins.
Dish up 
Slice garnish ingredients and sliced steam chicken, put those on the plate. Served with Japanese style dressing.  

Preparing Cooking Utensil
Kitchen knife, cutting board, tongs, vat, nonstick frying pan, cover

Cooking ingredients (Serves 1 person, 5min)
 (serves 2 , 30 min )
Steam chicken 
250g ---chicken (8.8185 oz/0.551155 lb)  
75ml----rice wine  
1/4 tbsp-salt  
10g ---- ginger  
200ml Japanese style dressing 
200g----slice onion 
10 leves-green perilla 

Japanese style dressing 
3 tsp----mentsuyu
1 tbsp--koikuchi soy sauce
1 tsp----lemon juice
1 tsp----white sesame seeds
1tbsp---olive oil
How to make
Mixing all ingredients together, just it. 

Additional information
Marinating chicken is key point this case. The chicken meat will become soft because absorb rice wine.

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