Never fail to baking! Sweetie apple pie with crumble.

Speaking of apple pie is mom taste! Today I cooked sweet and home made apple pie! The recipe have easy 3 process for pie crust, filling and crumble! You can't fail to cook this apple pie with this recipe.

Apple have happy effective ingredient of beauty for women.
Do you know the words "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" ? This meaning is apple have rich nutrition, Vitamin and mineral for the healthy body, And Japan have same words too. 

Apple have nutrition for effective to fatigue recovery, constipation resolved, anti aging and beauty. And the apple peel contains many apple pectin. It decrease bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) and effective to inhibit arteriosclerosis. Apple pectin works more than double to suppress the bad bacteria compared to the pectin that is included in the other food. Furthermore it has detoxification effects. 

It is 9 times of raw!! 
Apple pectin is more effective with heating. And the Vitamin C which contain in apple is not destroyed even when heated, so the nutrition does not change the content. You can enjoy apple taste and keep body temperature with hot apple. 


Cooking video 

How to cook
Form into a disc for a pie plate and keep it in refrigerator. 
Step 1 Make filling 
Put all ingredients of filling into pot and cover it by pot lid, and boil those over low heat. It complete when it getting thickness. 
Step 2 Make crumble
(Preheated oven 360℉.)
Mix all crumble ingredients from top to bottom. It is like scrub butter and flour. 
Step 3 Baking 
Put filling into unbaked pie shell, and bake it 50 to 60 min with temperature 360℉. 

Cooking ingredients  ( 9 inch pie plate, 20min + bake 60min) 
330g----short crust pie (11.64042 oz / 0.7275246 lb)
680g----apple (23.98632 oz / 1.4991416 lb)
60g----sugar (6.34932 oz / 0.3968316 lb)
1 tsp----cinnamon powder
40g-----wheat flour (1.41096 oz / 0.0881848 lb)
40g-----brown sugar
40g-----almond powder 
Pie crust 
How to cook 
Mix flour, salt and butter into bowl, it like rubbing until become parmesan cheese. Add water little by little and knead it. Wrap it by plastic wrap and keep it in refrigerator a hour or 2 hour.
Ingredients ( 9 inch pie plate. )  
190g----wheat flour
110g----unsalted butter
25cc to 30cc--cold water