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Friday, September 15, 2017

Cooked white rice / Cooked plain rice

Japanese people love natural sweet taste and good smell of the fresh cooked white rice. They likes the texture as soft and sticky and it match any of dishes and can eat only white rice. Delicious cooked white rice have shiny and white color or little bit translucent. Recently have been developed high quality rice cooker a lot, So Japanese people cook rice with the equipment. But you can cook rice with pot by this recipe. Try it If you have no rice cooker. 

Outstanding nutrition and keywords
Copper, Molybdenum

The white rice is polished brown rice.
It is same to polished the party have good nutrition from brown rice. But brown rice have a lot of dietary fiber and it not easy to digestion. The white rice still have nutrition fewer than brown rice, but it is easy to digestion-absorption. White rice have known as healthy, it is low calorie and have no gluten. But don't eat it too much because it have carbohydrate :) 

Do you know which city ranked No.1 of bread consumed in Japan?
There have visitor from overseas in the world in 2016, that is Kyoto prefecture!! I  had image about Kyoto is old Japan style city and they love white rice...  

Cooking video
How to cook 
Step 1 wash rice
Wash rice with plenty of water first time and remove water quickly. Wash rice with water well after second time.  Repeat it until water become cleary. (recommend : 4 times) and put rice on the strainer. 
Step 2 Cook rice
Put rice and amount of water into pot, leave it 30min. 
Boil it over hight heat once. Change to low heat when it boiled and cook it 15 min. 
When took 15 min, turn off the heat and steam rice with residual heat 10 min.

Ingredients ( Serve 5p, 60min) 
600cc------white rice 
( white rice 1 : water 1.2 ) 

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