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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rice flour pancake is good for gluten-free diet.

Do you have on a diet? Gluten-free diet have been popular in Japan too. Then I developed the gluten free pancake!! 

Happy gluten free desserts! 
Pancake made with sweet rice flour is a fluffy and elegant texture. Rice flour have good nutrition, amino score is 65, this is better than wheal flour as 44. Also rice have Vitamin B1, Vitamin E and good protein. This recipe have use rice flour instead of wheat flour. So, this is gluten free dessert!! Additionally it use almond powder and honey, those have rich nutrition and healthy ingredients too.

In addition, those ingredients easy to fit with both of Japanese sweets and western sweets. Very convenient ingredient. You can make anything with rice flour for baking, make sweets, cooking, bread, wrapping etc. Especially, texture will be elegant, soft, keep moisture and fluffy. Further, You can spread your variations with your favorite flavor oil like coconut oil and butter etc instead of olive oil in the mixture.   

Outstanding nutrition and keyword
Protein, Amino acid, Gluten-free, Anti-aging 

Cooking video
How to Cook
Pre cooking
Fry rice flour with frying pan until remove small of flour flavor.  It is just flour get warm.  If you fry it too much the flour get browned.
Step 1 Make mixture
Put egg, honey, brown sugar into bowl. Stir those with whisk until the sugar has dissolved. Add milk and stir with whisk. And add almond powder, sweet rice flour and baking powder into bowl, stir very well.
Step 2 Cook mixture
Cook mixture with nonstick frying pan over low heat. When it got bubble, turn it with spatula and cook brown the other side.
Dish up
Put pancakes on the plate and ice cream and walnuts on top. serve with honey syrup.

Preparing Cooking Utensil
Bowl, whisk, nonstick frying pan, spatula, tablespoon, teaspoon, measuring cup

Cooking Ingredients ( Serve 2 people, 20min )
1 tbsp--honey
1 tbsp--brown sugar
30g-----almond powder
100g----sweet rice flour
1 tsp----baking powder
1 tbsp---olive oil
Ice cream
Walnuts Honey

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