Sweet and mild pumpkin pie - I gave twist Japanese taste!

I baked pumpkin pie and gave twist it for suit Japanese people taste. I like standard american pumpkin pie! It is tasty and good balance of cinnamon flavor and sweet pumpkin. Of course Japanese people like eat sweets, they likes mild and rich taste. But they are unacceptable to strong spicy flavor. I used fresh cream instead of evaporated milk and decrease spicy flavor. You can enjoy sweet and mild pumpkin taste.

"Winter squash" is kind of pumpkin have sold in Japan market generally. It called "Ebisu pumpkin | えびす かぼちゃ" in Japanese. The color is deep green outside, inside is orange yellow. Ebisu pumpkin have rich Vitamin, those are almost whole vitamin. Those nutrition is effective to skin beauty and anti aging.

Outstanding nutrition and keywords. 
Vitamin A, E, Potassium, Anti aging, Skin beauty


How to cook 
Form into a disc for a pie plate and keep it in refrigerator. 
Step 1 Steam pumpkin
Put pumpkin and water into pot and cover it by pot lid, and steam it over low heat. 
Step 2 Make filling
(Preheated oven 360℉.)
Smash pumpkin into bowl, and mix all filling ingredients from top to bottom.
Step 3 Baking 
Pour filling into unbaked pie shell, and bake it 60min with temperture 360℉. 

Cooking utensil
Bowl, wooden spatula, whisk, pie dish, pot, lid

Ingredients ( 23 inch pie plate, 30min + bake 60min) 
330g----short crust pie (11.64042 oz / 0.7275246 lb)
400g----pumpkin (14.1096 oz / 0.881848 lb)
180g----sugar (6.34932 oz / 0.3968316 lb)
1 tsp----cinammon powder
1/2 tsp--nutmeg powder
150g----eggs (5.2911 oz / 0.330693 lb)
200cc---fresh cream 

Short crust pie 

How to cook 
Mix flour, salt and butter into bowl, it like rubbing until become parmesan cheese. Add water little by little and knead it. Wrap it by plastic wrap and keep it in refrigerator a hour or 2 hour.
Ingredients ( 9 inch pie plate. )  
190g----wheat flour
110g----unsalted butter
25cc to 30cc--cold water