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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Glutenfree! Mushroom rice gratin with cheeeeeeese:)

I cooked gluten-free mushroom doria today because Japan have the harvest time of mushrooms in autumn. You can enjoy creamy mushrooms taste and Yoshoku cuisine with this recipe:) 

Do you know "Yoshoku 洋食"?
Yoshoku is one of the Japanese cuisine. It have developed in Japan as original cuisine mixed western style or european style cooking. 

Doria is one of the Yoshoku. It's kind of rice gratin, put cooked rice(pilaf) into baking dish and pour white sauce on the cooked rice and put cheese on top, then bake it with oven until cheese melts.  It usually use white sauce with chicken or seafood, mushrooms. It is popular for girls with creamy and tasty in Japan. The history of the doria is developed by Saly Weil who chef of the hotel new grand of yokohama around 1930. 

Outstanding Nutrition and works for
Anti aging, Skin beautiful, Calcium, Vitamin B, C, D, High score Amino acid, 

Cooking Recipe

Cooking video

How to cook
Step 1 Cook mushrooms sauce 
Put butter, garlic and red pepper into fry-pan and transfer scent of garlic to butter. And put mushroom, salt and chicken broth powder into fry-pan and fry it over high heat. Add sauce béchamel into it and mix very well. Then pour milk little by little and mix well and adjust creamy consistency. Remove red pepper and garlic, add salt and pepper to taste. 
Step 2 Finishing
Put butter rice into baking dish, and put mushroom sauce and cheese on top. Bake it until cheese melts. 

You can avoid failure of cook use thick sauce béchamel and adjust with milk it creamy consistency. 

Cooking Utensil
Tablespoon, teaspoon, wooden spoon, pot, frying pan, measuring cup

Cooking Ingredients ( serve 2, 30min) 
butter rice
Sauce béchamel 
Mushroom sauce 
75g----enoki mushrooms(Flammulina velutipes) (2.64555 oz / 0.1653465 lb)
75g----shimeji mushrooms(Lyophyllum shimeji)
75g----maitake mushrooms(Grifola frondosa)
1 clove-garlic 
1------red pepper
25g----butter (0.88185 oz / 0.0551155 lb)
1 tsp--chicken broth powder
As need---salt 
as needed---pepper 
100ml to 150ml---milk 

Instant butter rice 
How to cook 
Put butter, garlic and red pepper into fry-pan and transfer scent of garlic to butter. Fry rice into it over middle heat, and add salt and pepper to taste.
Cooking ingredients 
250g----cooked brown rice (Hatsuga genmai, Germinated brown rice)
1-------red pepper
1 clove--garlic
As needed---salt and white pepper  

Sauce béchamel 
How to cook 
Put butter and flour/starch into pot and fry it over low heat. Pour milk little by little and stir very well. Repeat it 2 to 3 time.  
Cooking ingredients 
30g------butter (1.05822 oz / 0.0661386 lb)
3 tbsp---potato starch 

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