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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Japanese style breakfast - Good balance meal "一汁三菜 | one main dish and two side dishes"

If you want to keep healthy diet, you should try to Japanese style breakfast "一汁三菜" . This style can planning to good balance of healthy meal very easily. 
You can get nutrition by this style. 
Carbohydrate by rice.
Moisture by soup.
Protein by main dish.
Vitamin, mineral and dietary fiber by side dishes. (Vegetable)

What is  "一汁三菜|one main dish and two side dishes"?
It called "一汁三菜" in Japanese. It's the style of have meal in Japan. Meaning of "一汁三菜" is serve rice and soup basically, and one main dish + two side dishes for one time meal. The history of "一汁三菜" since Heian period (794-1185) .. I have surprised it...!! I think Japanese people love to enjoy eat meal with looks, taste, texture and health since long time ago.. 

Outstanding nutrition and keywords. 
Vitamin A, B, C, E, K, High protein, Super food, Skin beauty, Anti aging    

Rice : Brown rice with Japanese-style pickles, Umeboshi
Soup :Miso soup with eggplants
Main dish : Grilled salt marinated salmon
Side dishes: Japanese mustard spinach with sesame seeds, Marinated burdock Soft boiled egg


Brown rice with Japanese-style pickles, Umeboshi

Ingredients ( serve 5p, 60 min) 
600cc---Brown rice
Grains as you like
1/2 tsp--salt
( Brown rice 1 : Water 1.5)
How to cook 
Wash brown rice lightly, and transfer to pot. Add amount of water and grains into the pot. Leave it 30 min.
Put lid on the pot and boil it over high heat once, then change to low heat. and boil it 15 min over low heat. Remove the pot from the heat and steam rice with the heat still in the pot.  

Miso soup with eggplants
Ingredients ( Serve 1, 5min) 
Eggplants as you like
1/2 tsp---hondashi
1 tsp------miso
How to cook 
Boil eggplants with amount of water and hondashi. Blend miso in the soup in the spoon. Then skim off the scum.

Grilled salt marinated salmon
Just grill it, it has already salty taste by salt marinated. 
Japanese mustard spinach with sesame seeds
How to cook 
Step 1 Mix seasonings 
Put all ingredients of Ohitashi seasonings into bowl and mix it. 
Step 2 Boil Japanese mustard spinach 
Boil Japanese mustard spinach with salt and boiled water for 30 seconds.  !! boil stalk of Japanese mustard spinach fast, next is leaf. 
Step 3 Soak Ohitashi seasonings. 
Squeeze boiled Japanese mustard spinach and remove water. Then soak in Ohitashi seasonings for few min. 
Ingredients (Serve 2p, 5 min) 
150g---------Japanese mustard spinach (5.2911 oz / 0.330693 lb)
1/2 tsp-----salt 
350ml-------boiled water
Ohitashi seasonings 
2 or 2 and 1/2 tbsp------boiled water
1tbsp--------soy sauce 
1tbsp--------ground toasted sesame 
1tbsp--------white sesame seeds 

Marinated burdock

Ingredients  (5-7 plate of the photo on youtube)
150g---burdock (5.2911 oz / 0.330693 lb)
6g-----salt (0.211644 oz / 0.01322772 lb)
200ml---marinade liquide
How to cook 
Step 1 Cut burdock
Cut burdock same size.
Step 2 Boil burdock
Boil water with pot. Add salt into it and stir. Boil burdock into pot.  Put it up to a colander after cooked.
Step 3 marinating burdock
Drained off water from burdock and put it into food container, Add marinade liquid into the food container while hot.
Cover it and keep in refrigerator when it get room temperature. 
Soft boiled egg (You can see how to cook soft boiled egg on youtube "Ratatouille rice bowl dish" )
1---egg(room tempter) 
Boiled water 
Boil water once and remove pot from heater, put egg into the boiled water for 9 min. 

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