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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Egg custard dish with starchy sauce (ANKAKE CHAWANMUSHI | あんかけ茶碗蒸し)

If you want to show your cuisine more elegant or give a twist, starchy sauce is very convenience. You can develop new recipe with different of starchy sauce put on the one dish. Taste, flavor, looks.. etc. Especially, the dish with starchy sauce will change to looks more elegant and warmly.  The recipe introduce here, steam some ingredient with egg liquid and put starchy sauce on top. Additionally you can try to only egg liquid and some ingredient in starchy sauce, then put sauce on top. It will be change to more looks brilliant. 

What is chawanmushi|茶碗蒸し is?
Whawanmushi is egg dish and one of the basic Japanese cuisine. It is very popular in Japan, you can see chawanmshi at sushi restaurant mostly. It is egg custard dish which steamed egg and bonito soup stock. Popular ingredients are chicken, shrimp, Ginkyo and mushroom. It is good for the diet because low calorie made by almost water and egg.   

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Cooking video
How to Cook
1 step : Combine ingredients  and steam
Put prepared ingredients on the cup and pour chawanmushi egg liquid into the cup. And cover the cup with plastic wrap, then steam it 10min. ( Strength of fire : medium heat, If you use pot for steam cup.) 
It is complete sign what transparency soup come out from chawanmushi when you stick a tooth pick into it. Or It  will be looks like pudding of dessert!!   
2 step : Making starchy sauce 
1) Mixing 2 tbsp of water and  potato starch.
Put 100ml of water, Hondashi and soy sauce into pot and boil once. Add 1) into pot, and mix very well. It's complete when it got shiny.  
Dish up 
Put starchy sauce and Japanese parsley leaves on the chawanmushi as topping.  

Preparing Cooking Utensil
Tea spoon, Table spoon, bowl, eggbeater, pot, knife, Cutting board
Cooking ingredients (for 3 cups)
Prepared ingredients  (Detail >> Chawanmushi page)
120g----breast chicken meat  (4.23288 oz / 0.2645544 lb)
15g------dried mushrooms shiitake*  (0.52911 oz / 0.0330693 lb)
12 - 15 grain----boiled ginkyo nut**  
50g ------Japanese parsley***   (1.7637 oz / 0.110231 lb)
450ml---chawanmushi Egg liquid
Starchy sauce 
1/2 tsp---hondashi  
1/2 tsp--soy sauce
(adjust to your taste with pinch of Salt, if you need)
2 tbsp---water(2)  
2 tsp-----potato starch  

Additional Information
*Dried mushrooms shiitake is called Hoshi-Shitake | 干椎茸 in Japanese.
**Boiled ginkyo nut is called Ginnan | 銀杏 in Japanese.
***Japanese parsley is called Mitsuba | 三つ葉 in Japanese.

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