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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Gluten-free Edamame Pancake - Tasty and healthy meal

This is tasty and seems like healthy...! As you know, Edamame have been popular by one of the super food. I cooked gluten-free pancake with edamame and sweet rice flour instead of the wheat flour. Sweet honey, juicy bacon and soft fried egg are good much with edamame pancake. You can enjoy breakfast or blanch with pancake. 

Edamame pancake have subtle flavor :) 
Also put saikyo miso into mixture as a subtle flavor. It is good balance of salty taste and mild. Saikyo miso is Kyoto-style miso have yellow white color. It is one of the miso made from rice and soybeans.
Saikyo miso is sweet and mild taste because is combine starch syrup. the taste is very good for the subtle flavor of any meal. Of course it is very good for the main seasonings, like miso soup. 

Outstanding nutrition and keywords. 
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How to Cook
Pre cooking**
Roast sweet rice flour with frying-pan over low heat until the smell goes off. 
(Smell of the flour will goes off by roast with frying-pan for pre cooking. This pancake is easy to get brown, so this way avoid to undercooked pancake. )
Step 1 Pureeing edamame
Keep 10 grain of edamame for toppings. Pureeing edamame in a food processor. Add saikyo miso and milk into it and pureeing until smoothness.
Step 2 Making pancake mixture.
Stir egg and sugar with whisk very well. Add edamame puree into it and mix very well. and then add almond powder, sweet rice flour, baking powder into it and stir very well. finally, add olive oil into it and stir until familiar in it.
Step 3 Cook pancake mixture. 
Warm frying-pan with low heat. And put 2 grain of edamame in a middle of frying-pan. Put pancake mixture on the edamame and make shape of circle. Cook it over low heat and turn it with spatula and cook brown the other side when it got bubbles on the surface. Serve with honey and half boiled egg. The combination of it is great!

Preparing Cooking Utensil
Bowl, teaspoon, tablespoon, measuring cup, whisk, Non-stick frying pan, spatula, food processor or blender

Cooking Ingredients ( Serve 2 p, 30min )
130g----boiled with salt edamame(4.58562 oz / 0.2866006 lb)
2 tsp---Saikyo miso*
50g----sweet rice flour (1.7637 oz / 0.110231 lb)
30g----almond powder (1.05822 oz / 0.0661386 lb)
1 tsp---baking powder
1 tbsp--olive oil
As you like--honey

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