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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tasty and healthy egg cuisine - Chawanmushi ( Traditional Japanese steamed egg custard )

Japanese winter season have a lot of delicious food!! I really like chawanmushi because the texture is soft bounce and tasty!! Also healthy and low calorie!

Chawanmushi is an egg custard dish found in Japan. It  "茶碗蒸し" write in Japanese, literally "tea cup steam" or steamed in a tea bowl". It is usually eaten as a dish in a meal and can eat hot and cold. Basic ingredient are chicken, shrimp, ginkgo, mushroom, Japanese parsley, fish cake…Chawanmushi is good for diet because it is low calorie and cooking ingredients are almost DASHI-JIRU(soup stock). You can find the chawanmushi of your liking by thousand of combination with see food, meat, vegetable, mushroom and nuts.

Outstanding nutrition and keyword 
High-protein, Low calorie, Diet, Basic Japanese cuisine. (Ginkgo is good for anti aging.)

Cooking video
How to Cook
1 step : Prepare ingredients 
Chicken : Cut chicken into bite-size chunks. Then sprinkling salt and marinating with rice wine.  
Shrimp : Wash shrimp with potato starch and rinse it off using water very well. (And remove digestive tract from the back of the prawn.) Then boil shrimp 30 second with boiled water and rice wine. 
Dried mushrooms : Soak dried mushrooms mushrooms in water until become soft.  
Japanese parsley : Keep three leaves for topping. Cut another Japanese parsley into bite-size chunks. 
2 step : Making soup and egg liquid
Soup : Put Hondashi, hot water, soy sauce, Mirin and salt into bowl and mix very well.   
Put eggs into another bowl, and beat it. Add soup into the bowl. Then pass through a strainer.
3 step : Combine ingredients  and steam
Put ingredients on the cup and pour egg liquid into the cup, and put Japanese parsley on top. And cover the cup with plastic wrap, then steam it 12min. ( Strength of fire : medium heat, If you use pot for steam cup.) 
It is complete sign what transparency soup come out from chawanmushi when you stick a tooth pick into it. Or It  will be looks like pudding of dessert!!   

Preparing Cooking Utensil
Tea spoon, Table spoon, bowl, eggbeater, pot, knife, Cutting board

Cooking ingredients__(serves 3 , 30 min)
120g-----breast chicken meat  (4.23288 oz / 0.2645544 lb)
30g------dried mushrooms shiitake*  (1.05822 oz / 0.0661386 lb)
50g------Japanese parsley** (1.7637 oz / 0.110231 lb)   
2 pinches----salt  
2 tbsp--rice wine
potato starch, to taste
Egg liquid
300ml----Hot water  
1 and 1/2 tsp-----hondashi
1 tsp-----soy sauce
1 tsp-----mirin  
1/4 tsp--salt  

Additional Information
*Dried mushrooms shiitake is called Hoshi-Shitake | 干椎茸 in Japanese.
**Japanese parsley is called Mitsuba | 三つ葉 in Japanese.
You can use consomme or any of soup stock instead of Hondashi, and any of Ingredients. Please try to find your favorite Chawanmushi!

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